The Practice of Intention


[in-ten-shuhn] noun

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. the end or object intended; purpose.

Setting a daily intention is a way to allow your attention to focus on how you want your day to look, what you want to focus on along with how you want to feel.

It allows you to connect to your mind body and spirit.

I started a FaceBook group on Mother’s Day after posting that I want to be more intentional about my life, the actions I’m taking and how I’m going about my day so that I make decisions and do things based on what’s truly important to me. What has become an important part of the group are the daily intentions…

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Conscious conversation as a path to inspired action.”

“Fuel my body and mind with wonderful, sparkly nutrients (i.e., green smoothie for breakfast, healthy lunch and dinner, take my vitamins and supplements, longer sit spot, drink plenty of water, loving and self-compassionate thoughts, exercise, balance of work and play, gratitude journal, higher sunscreen to take in and enjoy every moment today. Stop myself and be totally present and breathe in and feel where I’m at.”

“Take things as they are and not make them mean something more than than that.”

“Patience with myself and others. Finding myself on edge lately.”

According to my friend Joe, “Intentions are goals in sheep’s clothing.” I can’t say I disagree.

Will you choose love?

This week I’ve had several discussions about negative self talk, body image, the food and beverages we allow or don’t allow and how these things impact everything else in our lives.

One post from Girls Gone Strong says: “When it comes to many foods like cupcakes, ice cream, pizza, nachos, you know — those foods generally considered ‘bad/forbidden’ — we often spend SO much time worrying about:

- Are we ‘allowed’ to eat them?
- Do we ‘deserve’ them?
- Will we be ‘bad’ if we eat them?
- Does eating them mean we are ‘off the wagon?’
- Am I weak/pathetic/undisciplined if I eat them?

That we literally don’t even consider if we WANT them to begin with. In fact, we often ‘want them’ because we feel like we ‘can’t have them.’”

Is this some of the mind chatter in your head?  It’s most definitely some of mine. I don’t like to be told I “can’t have” or “can’t do” something so if I hear those words that’s the direction I head. But then I feel guilty or crappy afterwards because that wasn’t the direction I would have headed if I’d have really checked in with myself.

My friend Susan Hyatt recently shared a similar piece…with the question that transformed her life…”what feels most like love?”

Examples of where Susan asked herself this question…

  • When deciding what to eat for breakfast in the morning, ask yourself, “What kind of food feels most like love?” That doesn’t always mean the most healthiest choice—it depends on you and the day.
  • When deciding which bed sheets to buy (the nice soft ones, or the cheap scratchy ones?) ask yourself, “which ones feel most like love?”
  • When stressed & craving some kind of distraction or release (a walk? a dance break? a pint of ice cream?) ask yourself, “which choice feels most like love?” Sometimes for me it’s a glass of wine but most often if I really listen it’s a chat with a friend, some crazy fun music or time alone.

By removing the negative feelings and shame associated with food and drinks, and choosing love, again and again, as often as possible you’re not just creating a new body you’re creating a new way of treating yourself.

A Number….is JUST a Number

A number is just that–a number, whether it’s an age, a weight, a bank balance or something else. The attachment to the number is what creates doubt, fear, and judgement–too fat or too skinny because the scale says so..too rich or too poor because your bank account says so…too old or too young because your age says so.

The numbers don’t say or mean anything…it’s what you make them mean that creates the struggles and the freedoms.

Appreciating a beautiful body for everything it does, no matter what the number on the scale. Being grateful for what your money allows in your life, no matter the balance in your account. Loving life and living full on no matter your age.

This week I am focusing on presence, peace and trust in every area of my life. Showing up fully, embracing each struggle I’ve felt and allowing the numbers to be just numbers.

Will you join me? If you’re already there, will you share your experiences and stories of freedom?

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